Author: katygillamhull2015

Shadow Jewellery

A collection of jewellery that focuses in on the appeal of old or faded items. The connotations of the classic jewellery forms are combined with misleading materials to leave the viewer with a sense of the faded or shadow like presence of these objects, that […]

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Jewellery for Henrietta Howard

This contemporary version of chatelaine jewellery takes on the form of an imaginary artefact to tell stories of people from history who are hidden or under-appreciated. Jewellery would have been retained as such an artefact throughout history for its material value, Gillam-Hull looks past this […]

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Clearwell Caves Vessels

  A collection of glass fragments dated from the 17th century were found during excavations at the Clearwell Caves mining museum. Given the opportunity to work with them Gillam-Hull re-imagined their previous forms with copper wire interventions, re-framing them as complete vessels. She has highlighted […]

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Found on the River Thames these broken pieces of ceramic and glass are preserved in the mud, when un-earthed they reveal small parts of London’s history. Katy Gillam-Hull is inspired by these artefacts to re-imagine what they could have looked like originally. Reacting to the […]

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Found not Lost

Broken bottles, forgotten and fractured are found and made whole with new parts that are delicately cast and crafted to their exact shape and style. Two fragments coming together to make a whole. When separated and worn as a necklace or brooch these bottle tops […]

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Rescued, Retained, Revered

The tools, with their mysterious and graceful forms, are stacked box by box in their thousands. Their edges worn down over time, handles worked and warmed in to chestnut browns. Arranged in their boxes they lie dormant, like ghostly reminders of their use and the […]

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Fragments  The fact that we can emotionally interact with an object fascinates me. That material can take on more meaning than just its physical presence is amazing, but something that is overlooked and undervalued. I have explored the way we interact with found objects through […]

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Home Utilities

A small set of personal objects to be worn and kept with you for everyday use. Inspired by similar antique objects this collection is made for our current everyday needs. Specifically the need for tea. When Katy was a British exchange student in Norway she […]

Copper Korpus

This collection of korpus copper bowls was developed so that each bowl would fit to the hand in a different way. Offering different ways of pouring and holding these tactile bowls explore how we engage with objects around us.

Narrative Memories

A collection of objects and surfaces that capture the memories of a childhood narrative. Drawing attention to its threadbare fabric, scribbled on illustrations and sellotaped edges this piece celebrates the worn and loved object. Wrapped up as a parcel it welcomes you unwrap and explore it, discovering the treasures […]