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fmp4 Fragments 

The fact that we can emotionally interact with an object fascinates me. That material can take on more meaning than just its physical presence is amazing, but something that is overlooked and undervalued. I have explored the way we interact with found objects through my degree research and writing and have decided to select five found objects I love and to work with them myself.

Part of the reason I chose to work with these objects I found is the appeal of their mystery, that I don’t know exactly where they came from or even what they were part of. But somehow they are completely at home in their brokenness, a self-contained fragment that is more beautiful for being broken. Although they don’t need their past context or other parts anymore I still rely on that to understand them. It is that desire to take them in, marvel at them and wonder at their previous lives that I am attempting to explore and show.

By playing with these objects and making their counterparts I have discovered their potential narratives and fixed or re-homed these fragments. The creation of these alternative parts show the way we assume a context to understand a mysterious object. It also shows how they are precious, not because they are wrapped in gold or paired with diamonds to boost their worth but because I picked them and thought so much about them. The end result, of a curious and playful collection, captures the joy behind finding and discovering such objects that I found that sunny day in Oslo.

Katy Gillam-Hull CAA Final Major Project from Katy Gillam-Hull on Vimeo.



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