Home Utilities


A small set of personal objects to be worn and kept with you for everyday use. Inspired by similar antique objects this collection is made for our current everyday needs. Specifically the need for tea. When Katy was a British exchange student in Norway she became the traditional tea drinking English girl in a subconscious attempt to draw closer to sense of identity . Exaggerating the importance of tea, stating strong opinions on how it is made and fulfilling the proper and particular nature of the stereotype. It is these eccentricities that are captured in these objects, that when utilised give a sense of home.

Winner of the St Albans Museum and Gallery trust award

180˚ Gallery- Khio, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway (June 2014)

Eastern Approaches- St Albans Museum and Gallery, UK (December 2014)

Tea Strainer Necklace

This pendant can be utilised as a refillable tea strainer, ready to be dropped in to your cup for a brew when you most need it.

Last Chance

A single use sugar cube locket that gives the owner one last chance to have sugar in their tea. So as to discourage them from ruining their tea and generally improving themselves by doing so.

Exhibition in 180˚ Gallery

Exhibition in 180˚ Gallery